Broadway tree of Light 2023

For the 2023 Broadway Tree of Light, our community has once again demonstrated its remarkable generosity by contributing a total of £1,712.00 to the Midlands Air Ambulance, bringing our cumulative fundraising efforts to just over £14,000.00 since the inception of the Broadway Tree of Light.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals in our village and beyond who have consistently supported this meaningful cause. A special acknowledgment is reserved for the Broadway Village Choir, whose musical talents and harmonious voices enhanced our switch-on evening, and to Peter Reading and his team of volunteers who worked to install the lights. Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

The 2023 Broadway Tree of Light sponsored names are as follows;

The Vickers Family, Tazmin Pugh, Ian Kennedy, The Thomas Family, The Brown Family, Peter Hammond, Gerry Buckley & deceased members of the Buckley Family, Frank & Peggy Lee & deceased  members of the Lee Family, Win Fludder, Stan Fludder, Cyril Reading, Neil Hewitt, Peter Lowe, Jean  Lowe, Bill Billingsley, Wynn Billingsley, Gladys Whitcombe, Bert Whitcombe, Mike Empson, Eileen  Horsburgh, Jack  Horsburgh, David  Robinson, Jean Robinson, Catherine Arbuthnot, Martha Malelak, Peter  Riley, Debbie  Riley, Julian  Pask, Hamish McDonald, David   Rowlands, Gregory Hacket, Marian Edgecombe, Barbara Peacock, Arthur T Booth, Berni Booth Bendall, Bernadette M Booth, Ellenor & James Hardiman, Maurice Keyte, Bridget Haynes, Roger Haynes, Sheila Berry, Kathryn Close, Sofia Hardiman, Hilda Kingdon, June Hinton – East, Colin Wright, Margaret Carter, Ros Wright, Roy Wright, Jack Burke, Sandra McCrann, Paul McCrann, Florence La Roche, Doreen La Roche, Brian La Roche, Anthimas Papendeau, Ron & Jenny Tabb, Dora Smith, Mary McGarrigle, Jim McGarrigle, James McGarrigle, Gerald Mc Garrigle, Robert Munro, Eddie Barnett, Lily Barnett, Jim Rogers, Josephine Soars, Kym Harrison, Audrey Soper, Herbert Soper, Veronica Rushmore, David Rushmore, Dawn Harris, David Nicholls, Stan Nicholls, Vi  Nicholls, Anne & George Pacey, Eileen Peters, Christine Riley, Jack   Faulkner, Olive Faulkner, Bill Faulkner, Maurice Turner, Austin Pearson, Sybil Pearson, Aussie Pearson, Roger Morgan, Gerald Deeley, Rosemary Bonihill, Roger Turner, Thelma Turner, Jasmine Spragg, Wayne Bell, Jim Jeffs, Judy Speake, David Speake, Noreen Brown, Derek Brown, Alexander Thompson, Veronica Thompson, Sheila Bradnok, Dr. Jo Chamberlain, Alice Chamberlain, Joan Thornton, David Dennis, Jeffrey Dennis, Mary Dale, Jack Dale, Chris Clements, Peter Cooper, Alfie Simon Perkins (Five months old), Freda Lovelock, Kenneth Lovelock, Dorothy Cockle, Reginald Cockle, Fathers Eugene & Ignatius, Linda Kirk, Steve Barnett, Rupert Phillips, Lucy Dale, Margaret Holland, Ambrose Holland, David Henry Roberts, Beatrice Beck, Norman (Joe) Beck, Lily Parker, Arthur Parker, William Francis Thomas Ridley ADEL, Angela Folkes, Gary Beech, Anthony Turner, Margaret Lawrance, Jess Davies, Leigh Davies, Marilyn Butler, Peter Mc Lauchlan, Janice Mc Lauchlan, John Mc Donald, Hugh Jones, Maurice Ayre, Brian Ralph, Plunkett Family, Knight Adams Family, Percy Rastall, Louise Rastall, Lee Rastall, Robin Sully, Carole Sully, Robert Wayland, Graham Skipworth, Jane P Kaye, John L Kaye, Ian Harrison, Daryl Owen, Margaret Riley, Hill Family (nine Brothers and Sisters), Margaret Houstan, Thomas Houstan, Maeva O’Brien, Neal Coleman, Mario Afeltra, Lorna Afeltra, Andy Barker, Sylvia Barker, Ron Barker, Olga King, John King, Freda King, Steve Gore, Colin Mitchell, Jacqui & Dennis Hackett, Maurice Keyte, Chris Stock, Des Andrews, Richard Calcutt, Joy Stock, Ron Stock, Fred Penny, Frances Terry, Dorothy Howell, Maurice Dore, Melvyn Burgette, Marina Hooper, Sandra Barnett, Steve Barnett, Bonelli Family, Barnett Family, Sylvia Wilks, David Wilks, Violet Flint, Edward Flint, Erna Giger, Gottfried Giger, Adrian Blake, Terry Sumner, Peter Cooke.

Please keep an eye out for updates later in the year for details on how to sponsor 2024’s Tree of Light. Please send any enquiries to Dominique Hardiman –