Contributor Requirements


When contributing to the Broadway Magazine we cannot provide an exact rule. We must find a balance between the number of images you wish to use, the number of words and how many paragraphs or bolded titles you require. All things take up space.


When you provide your article, we recommend that you have it proofread by someone before sending it to us. This will help you pick up errors – please do not assume that we will correct your mistakes at this end!


We will not accept articles without images. An image finding service will be charged at £40 per hour. You must have permission to print any images you send to us. Images need to be over 1MB and 300dpi in size and any credits or captions sent with your main article.


Please note: The Broadway Magazine reserves the right to edit/alter text, so as to not lose the original message, where necessary and should minor alterations to the text supplied be required to fit into the layout. Where significant changes have taken place, a proof will be sent to the contributor for approval.


News Snippets should be less that 100 words and with a single image.

Events should be less than 25 words plus the event title, location, date, time and ticketing information.

Single Pages

This example uses 189 words (1,133 characters incl. spaces).

Double Pages – Image Heavy

This example uses 381 words (2,180 characters incl. spaces).

Double Pages – Text Heavy

This example uses 742 words (4,360 characters incl. spaces).